Grate stoker 
• RotoGrate Stoker

The Detroit® RotoGrate Stoker is a continuous ash discharge, traveling grate, spreader stoker that is perfect for a broad range of applications. It is recognized worldwide for its efficiency in generating steam and power.


• Hydrograte Stoker

The spreader firing principle is the most widely accepted, proven and user friendly means of burning biomass fuels.  Fine particles of fuel are burned in suspension assisted by the over fire air system. Coarser, heavier fuel is spread evenly on the grate forming a thin, fast-burning fuel bed. The combination of suspension and bed burning makes this method of firing extremely responsive to load demand.


• DSC-GTS Reciprocating Biomass Stoker

Detroit Stoker Company is now the Original Equipment Manufacturer of the GTS Energy Reciprocating Grate Combustion System technology, which is utilized in many of the world's leading MDF, OSB and particleboard plants.  The GTS acquisition enhances the development and supply of small biomass combustion and gasification systems. 

DSC/GTS inclined reciprocating grates push the fuel down the length of the grate through distinct drying, gasification, combustion and burn-out zones. The grates are high alloy material so air cooling is sufficient.  The ash is automatically discharged off the end of the grate into an ash conveying system.


• Rotostoker VCG

The Detroit® RotoStoker VCG air-cooled grate offers many of the features and benefits of the Detroit® Hydrograte Stoker. It is designed to provide exceptional efficiency in burning a wide range of fuels ideally suited for both new and retrofit installations.


• Detroit Reciprograte Refuse/Municipal Solid Waste

The Detroit® Reciprograte Stoker is designed to be utilized in the mass burning of refuse fuels where all of the refuse is burned directly on the grates with the burned out residue being discharged from the back end of the stoker. Refuse does not require preparation before burning.


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