Customer References



1.)  Customer: IRPC Public Company Limited, Rayoung Thailand

Project: Unit04: Fuel change Boiler

Year: 2013

Description:To reduce NO2 emission to less than 186 mg/Nm3 @ 7% O2 dry. Phothi-Ratana together with our principle B&W excuted a turn-key project to replace existing oil/gas burners with XCL-S low NOx gas-fired burners.



2.)  Customer: IRPC Public Company Limited, Rayoung Thailand 

Toyo-Thai Corporation Public Company Limited (TTCL)

Project: CHP II ( Auxiliary Boiler )

Year: 2014

Description: B&W FM Boiler design with 3 drums for 5 minutes water holding capacity.Capacity 115 t/hr (net 100 t/hr steam to process), Steam condition 53 Barg @ 440.6 deg C.



3.) Customer: IRPC Public Company Limited, Rayoung Thailand

     Project: Unit 03 CFB upgrade & Fly ash transfer system

     Year: 2015 - 2016


     -Reduce the SO2 emissions to 46.6 ppm @ 7% O2 dry.

     -Continuous steam generation 128 t/hr ± 1% @112.5 Barg at the superheat outlet pressure.

     -Renovate solid circulation, etc. to improve bed SO2 removal.

     -Dry Sorbent Injection into Flue gas using Sodium Bicarbonate.


4.) Customer: Electricity Generating Authority of Thiland (EGAT): Krabi Thermal powerplant

     Project: IK-700 Long Retractable installation

     Year: 2016

     Description: Supply and Install 6 units of IK-700 long retractable sootblower at superheat area.



5.) Customer: Mitr Phol Bio-Power Co.Ltd, Chaiyaphum Thailand.

     Project: RW-166 DSC:Hydrograte stoker overhaul.

     Year: 2015

     Decription: Re-allign the stoker frame, Replce Hydrograte stoker grid tube, Replace damaged casting.  


6.) Customer: Tri Energy Co.Ltd

     Project: Instaall x1 Taprogge Tube Cleaninig System with 2 strainer section and x2 PR-BW 600 Debris filter

     Year: 2002

     Description: To protect the exsisting cooling water system and condener tube from both macro & micro fouling.


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