Pipe Hanger

Pipe Hanger
• Variable Spring Hangers

     Variable Spring Hangers & Supports are used for supporting piping and equipment where vertical movement is required. They are generally used at points where stress due to load variation does not have a harmful effect on the overall piping system. Allowable load variability is generally within 25% of the design load as described in MSS-SP-58. Evaluations are required where the piping has high flexibility, to ensure stress changes due to the load variation does not overstress the piping system.


• Constant Spring Hangers

     Constant Spring Hangers are designed to support piping and equipment where large vertical movements are expected and where the load variability of a variable spring hanger would exceed 25% of the design load. Constant Spring Hangers are also used where load variation over 6% is not permitted, even if the vertical movement is not large. STC Constant Spring Hangers are designed with a mechanism to provide a constant supporting load at any position throughout the travel range.



• Hydraulic Snubbers  

     Hydraulic Snubbers protect piping systems and components by restraining undesirable displacement due to seismic or other types of dynamic loading, while, allowing free movement during the thermal displacement mode.

     The STC Hydraulic Snubber design provides this essential dual function using a sophisticated
valve mechanism. The design also includes an internal, flexible reservoir in place of the more conventional oil reservoir mounted outside of the snubber body. Comprehensive design
verifications and thorough testing have been conducted to assure the highest reliability of the STC hydraulic snubbers. Since STC snubbers have been in service for decades, they have demonstrated trouble-free performance and are easy to maintain; thus assuring maximum protection for piping systems subjected to occasional dynamic events


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